Selfish Kiwi is a group of senior HR professionals dedicated to the design and implementation of out-of-the-ordinary development projects.

 No challenge is too intimidating for our team of experts who rely on evidence-based psychological approaches as well as humour and intuition. 


a very long
time ago….

A “development conspiracy” called Selfish Kiwi was founded by four first-year psychology and andragogy students, with virtually no experience and all the more determination to make a difference.

We still thank our first satisfied clients for their courage. Following its initial successes, the company was quartered and dismantled by the then-powers of the consultancy world. Radvan, Rosťa, Hanka, and our dear former colleagues, thank you for everything we learned from you and thanks to you.

fifteen years

The Selfish Kiwi development conspiracy was re-founded by three, now senior, consultants and a man with a bag on his head, who now have a combined experience of nearly 50 years working with individuals and companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our expertise involves designing comprehensive HR solutions, providing training, coaching, and facilitation.


Our team

Our team has doubled in size. Our know-how, humor and experience are 90% shared and, at the end, very similar. We mainly differ in attitude, in how much we measure and weigh, and in some ways, of course, each one of us is better than the others. 

Filip Lepier
Filip LepierConsultant & Partner

Guided by his motto “play your cards right”, he is ideal for deployment in challenging situations and periods full of change. Expert in change management, critical thinking, group facilitation and team coaching. close
Jan Ženatý
Jan ŽenatýConsultant & Partner

An elite HR paratrooper, suited for the most challenging C-level missions, expert at reading emotions, mental and physical toughness, self-motivation, firewalking… and an absolutely sub-par skier. close
Jakub Šmakal
Jakub ŠmakalConsultant & Partner

Courageous and kind as Cinderella, suitable for development missions that employees consider a treat. Expert in Non-Violent Communication, Energy Management, lazy parenting and coaching. close
Man with a bag on his head
Man with a bag on his headPR Manager

He does his job so well you can’t even tell how he does it. Expert at empathetic listening; the Power of Silence workshop.

@#$&! close
Zita Václavíková
Zita VáclavíkováBusiness Development Director
Tomáš Zuda
Tomáš ZudaConsultant
Zita Lara
Zita LaraExperience Manager
another fifteen
years later...

We are firmly convinced that by then, the zombie apocalypse, for which we have been intensely
preparing ourselves and our clients for 15 years (it was called Learning@Development back then),
will have broken out.

Don't go looking for us. You should have booked our services when there
was still time.

Working with us
is just a

Might be useful

Billing info:

Selfish Kiwi s.r.o.
IČ: 04630386
U železné lávky 557/6,
Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1

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